Lisa Wells

We Are The Changemakers Speaker Bio

I am a Changemaker because life is change. Stasis is an illusion. We are always changing. The world is always changing. When we realize that, we can direct the change to make the world a better place to live.
— Lisa Wells

About Lisa

Lisa Wells, PhD, eRYT500 is a somatic educator, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, body geographer, improvisational dancer and performance artist. As a yoga teacher Lisa works gently and deeply to help clients become more graceful, embodied, and comfortable in their skin. Her personal mission statement is: β€œTo help people fall in love with life and the world.” Her classes welcome all individuals regardless of fitness level, shape, or size. She is a master of adapting the yoga pose to the individual rather than forcing the individual to adapt to the pose.

Lisa has a PhD in geology from Stanford University. From 1989 to 2000 she taught geography and geology, first at UC Berkeley, then at Vanderbilt University. Her field of study was Quaternary Geology and Geoarchaeology. She studied long-term human/landscape interactions in Peru, Indonesia, Iraq, Cyprus and Greece.

Upon leaving academia, she wandered intellectually for a while, writing, studying, dancing, parenting and yoga-ing. In 2004 she opened Cedar and Fir Studio in Corvallis where she taught Yoga and Improvisational Dance.  In 2010 she partnered with Kristina Ender to open Live Well Studio a larger space that currently house over 30 yoga and pilates classes each week taught by ~15 teachers.

Lisa collaborates with Lily Gael as the Body Habitat Project. A performance art, dance, and farming collective that seeks to break the artificial boundary between humans and the environment.