CM Hall

We Are The Changemakers Speaker Bio

I am a Changemaker because I work to be the change I wish to see in the world, person-by-person, committee-by-committee, action-by-action, I know, because I have seen what happens when we mobilize and organize, that we are indeed stronger together.
— CM Hall

About CM


CM Hall, Ed.M. (Affirming Pronouns: She/Her/Hers)

CM is a lesbian-identified bisexual feminist and is “bi-vocational” in both the world of interpreting and also LGBTQ advocacy and education. She is a nationally-certified interpreter with an undergraduate degree from Western and is the Project Manager for the DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center at Western where she also teaches DeafBlind Interpreting courses. CM also teaches LGBTQ Studies, utilizing her Master's in Education with an emphasis in LGBTQ and Gender Studies from Oregon State University. 

Since 2015, she has been producing the Coming Out Monologues in different Oregon communities to highlight LGBTQ+ coming out stories. Most recently, CM organized the first-ever LGBTQA Alumni event at Western before a WOU Coming Out Monologues event.

In early 2017, CM retired from serving six years as the chair of the Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC. She has been recognized by Basic Rights Oregon, the Human Rights Campaign, the Oregon Association of the Deaf, the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and Western Oregon University’s Stonewall Center for her advocacy work and was invited to present at a TEDx on the topic of linguistic access as a social justice issue. Since December of 2015 she has made her home looking at the ocean in Newport and aspires to run for local office.