about us

The Corvallis Changemakers


Corvallis Changemakers is a committee of Mid-Willamette NOW. We operate independently and collaboratively to bring together resources and tools to empower, ignite, and bring about meaningful change to build a community of changemakers in Western Oregon

The Corvallis Changemakers are a group of local women who, inspired by the upsurge in activism in our community and our nation, seek fresh voices and ideas to effect change and build a better future for women, their allies, and our communities. We are a grassroots group without formal incorporation or identity.

We are multigenerational, identify with different cultural and racial backgrounds and sexual orientations, and bring to the table different experiences of activism and passions about issues. We share the common goal of helping women and their allies, including people from historically marginalized communities to create and access resources and tools to gain social, political, and economic power.